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10 Scholarships in the USA for African Students 2020-2021

Financial aid helps students covering higher education expenses, such as tuition and fees, room, supplies, and transportation. As an African student, finance might be an obstacle to pursuing your studies at a university in the USA which is why the Government and some universities in the USA offer scholarships to African students every year.

The USA offers both fully funded or Tuition Waiver Scholarships to African students in order to encourage them to complete their studies in the United States of America. These scholarships are established to help the undergraduate, graduate students, high school students, Ph.D. Students, and master students, and covers visa, accommodation, books, stipends, airfare, feeding, and free tuition fee, all depends on the provider and what kind of scholarship is it.


This article will show you 10 Scholarships in the USA for African Students that might interest you:

South African AFS Full Scholarship in the USA:

The American Field Service Intercultural Programs is an international youth exchange organization consisting of over 50 independent, not-to-profit organization. The AFS intercultural gives the chance to African students to pursue their undergraduate studies at the USA while living with carefully chosen host families.

The African Water Association Scholarships:

The African Water Association offers research scholarships to master students and engineers at the end of their training and Ph.D. Studies that can help them carry out research sanctioned by a scientific report on a theme related to the water, sanitation, and hygiene sector.

Each scholarship is with a maximum value of US$ 1,000, the candidate will receive 60% when the detailed plan of the research is finalized, approved by the research supervisor, and received by The African Water Association, and he’ll receive the rest once he submits the electronic version of their final report.


The Inclusive Education Scholarship Program:

The inclusive education scholarship program offers scholarships to African students, also students from China, Czech Republic, Ukraine, and selected countries in Latin America.

The program aims to provide education advocates and professionals with a foundation in the principles, values, and practices of inclusive education so that they will be able to practice and lead the reform of education policy in their home countries.

It’s a merit-based scholarship, the selection is made depending on the academic excellence, professional aptitude, leadership skill, and proven commitment to working in order to ameliorate inclusive education in the home country.

The Klaus-Jürgen Bathe Leadership Scholarships:

The Klaus-Jürgen Bathe Leadership program is established by the University of Cape Town and open to all
undergraduate students registered in any of the 6 faculties of the university.

The scholarship gives a full financial aid up to the value of R120,000/year, intended to cover, accommodation, feeding and an allowance for books, tuition fees, stationery, and transport.

The exxonmobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program:

The exxonmobil Middle East and North Africa Scholars Program is a unique scholarship opportunity funded by exxonmobil and offered by the Institute of International Education (IIE) to African Students who have a bachelor’s degree Geoscience, Engineering, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science, Math or Geography.

The chosen students will get a full scholarship to pursue a Master’s Degree in Geosciences. The program also covers housing and living expenses, health insurance, textbook and computer allowances, airfare, visa, and academic support.

The LAWA Fellowship:

The Leadership & Advocacy for Women in Africa Fellowship Program is established by The Georgetown University Law Centre, to train women’s human rights lawyers from Africa who seeks to advance the status of women and girls throughout the careers.

The LAWA Fellowship program duration is approximately 14 months and is offered to women who want to pursue the master’s degree program.

The MSU mastercard Foundation Scholars Program:

The MSU mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Michigan State is offered to students who are residents or citizens of an African Country and who have completed their bachelor’s degree at an African University.

The scholarship is for master’s students and covers MSU Tuition and other fees, airfare, visa and SEVIS fees, housing, food, and living expenses as well as medical insurance.

The Fulbright Program for Foreign Students:

The Fulbright Program for Foreign Students is directed by a binational Fulbright oundations/Commissions or U.S Embassies. The program is open for Masters and Ph.D. International students, who are citizens of more than 155 countries including African countries.

Imomoh Scholarship:

The Imomoh scholarship is established by SPE Foundation to support outstanding students from the SPE Africa Region who wants to pursue a Master’s degree in petroleum engineering. The scholarship value is USD2000 and can go up to USD5000 and it must be used only for educational purposes like tuition, living expenses, books, etc.

The MSFS Continues Scholarship for Students from Africa:

The Master of Science in Foreign Service at Georgetown offers a fully-funded scholarship to excellent students from sub-Saharan Africa. It’s a two year, full-time graduate program.

MSFS aims to assist men and women to become creative leaders of international affairs in all sectors (public, private, and non-profit).


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