Top 5 Universities And Scholarships In Germany

Germany is ranked the 3rd most popular destination in the world for international students, right behind the UK and the US. There are more than 380 excellent universities in germany that offer more than
17,000 study programs giving the students a wide variety of choices.

Moreover, the main reason to opt for studying in germany is the good funding options, and free tuition, as most german universities, not all, have free tuition programs available for international students.


Aside from the non-existent tuition fees, germany has also a good repute for its teaching and learning approach which makes german institutions’ students an attractive choice of employment.

If you have decided to go study in germany, continue reading and find out about the top 5 universities in and the top scholarships to apply for in germany as well.

Top 5 universities in germany:

Although it excites so many prestigious high education institutions throughout the country, the following are the top-ranking german universities in the QS world university rankings in 2019:

Technical university of munich:

Technical university of munich is one of the leading universities in europe, that dedicate science and technology, and commit to finding solutions to the major challenges that society faces. The university has three departments with a 172-degree program focusing on engineering, natural sciences, medicine, life sciences and social sciences.


The technical university of munich offers a wide range of services to students, going from students services such as:

  • Administrative documents and academic records management.
  • Housing services providing personal advice to ensure that students and staff can find a place to stay in as quick as possible.
  • Library services by providing over 2 million printed and electronic items, more than 8 million full-text downloads and, 500,000 loans making the university library the academic information center of tum.

Lmu munich

Since its foundation in 1472, ludwig-maximilians-university (lmu) munich had interested inspired scholars and talented students from all over the globe. The university has a classical academic profile consisting of the humanities and cultural sciences, social sciences, law, and economics to medicine and natural sciences. The university is a total of 18 faculties and enjoys one of germany’s best library systems.
It’s widely regarded as a premier academic and research institution and boasts 42 nobel prize winners.

Heidelberg university:

Heidelberg university is the oldest university in Germany and the world, it uses “a tradition for the future” motto to refer to its scholarly and scientific achievements throughout the past six centuries which makes it not just one of the oldest universities but also one of the most renowned institutions in existence.
Around 30,000 students attend the university, 20% who are international students representing 130 countries.

Humboldt university of berlin:

Humboldt university of berlin is a public university founded in 1810 located in the capital city of Germany, berlin. Since its foundation, it has been a university of letters that embraces all major scientific disciplines with its ideal of the coexistence of research and teaching it became a model for universities all over the world.

Kit, karlsruher institut für technologie:

Kit, karlsruher institut für technologie was founded by the merger of the forschungszentrum karlsruhe gmbh and the karlsruhe university. The kit covers four main subjects; engineering sciences, natural sciences, social sciences, and the humanities, it’s based on the capacities and knowledge of scientists who are from over 140 institutes of karlsruher institut für technologie

Top scholarships to apply for in germany

There exist so many different scholarships in Germany; some are government-funded scholarships, others are non-government and some institutions offer university-specific opportunities as well:

• Daad scholarship: deutscher akademischer austauschdienst is a scholarships for students who want to study undergraduate and postgraduate levels provided by the german academic exchange service.

• Erasmus+: offered to foreign students who are part of a study exchange program in Europe. Grants to help them cover living costs are also available.

• Heinrich böll scholarships for international students: is a scholarship dedicated to students who aim for master’s or ph.d. Studies at an accredited institution.

• Kurt hansen science scholarships: dedicated to international students who are looking forward to becoming science educators.

• Marie curie international incoming fellowships (iif) for developing countries: available for students from developing countries who want to do postdoctoral research.

• Deutschland stipendium: a scholarship of €300 per month for outstanding international students who are studying at german universities.

• Heidelberg university: offers many opportunities to students such as, the amirana scholarship that supports students from developing countries who hope to study medicine or dentistry.

• Frankfurt school of finance and management doctoral tuition waivers: this application will provide to doctoral students on english medium courses in finance, accounting or mathematics, and business administration tuition fees waived.

• Universität hamburg merit awards: this merit-based award is for students enrolled for a minimum of two semesters, who have demonstrated outstanding ability at any degree level in any subject.

• Twth aachen programs: this funding is available for international and domestic students.


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