Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships 2021

The Schlumberger Foundation is an organization that supports science and technology education. It offers Faculty for the Future Fellowship, a funded scholarship launched in 2004, for foreign students who want to pursue Ph.D. Or Doctoral studies in various STEM disciplines in leading research universities around the world.

The program is dedicated to underrepresented women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM), and who are from developing countries and emerging economies.


The program’s long-term goal is to support women and role models and improve gender balance at the university level by eliminating some of the barriers they encounter when signing up in STEM disciplines so that more women are attracted to scientific careers as these women’s talent and capacities may be developed for the benefits of their own communities, regions, and home countries.

Program Duration:

The initial duration of the grant is one academic year. The renewal of the award is subjected to academic progress, recommendations from host university supervisors, and the discretion of the Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future program renewal procedure.

Scholarship Coverage

The Faculty for the Future fellowship covers the tuition fees and living expenses of the recipient. Its value can go up to a USD 50,000 per year for a Ph.D studies, and USD 40,000 year for a post-doctoral and may be renewed.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for Schlumberger Foundation Faculty for the Future Fellowships, the candidates must fulfill all of the following conditions:

  • Candidate need to have English language skills, and excellent knowledge of the language required to complete their studies at best universities.
  • Be a female and a citizen of a developing country or emerging economy where women are underrepresented (STEM) disciplines and don’t hold secondary citizenship from a developed country.
  • Preparing for Ph.D. Or postdoctoral studies in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.
  • Grants in biological sciences are limited to interdisciplinary research between physical and biological sciences (Master’s level studies aren’t funded)
  • Registered, admitted, or have applied to a host university/research institute abroad. If the candidate is applying for a sandwich course the final degree must be given by the host University abroad.
  • Hold an outstanding academic record;
  • Willing to go back to their home countries or region after finishing their studies to contribute to its socio-economic development;
  • Have a proven record of teaching experience in their home countries and can demonstrate a commitment to going back home to i) an academic or research position in a STEM faculty; ii) and/or to use their knowledge to become a STEM entrepreneur and help resolve regional issues in their local community; iii) and/or to demonstrating leadership by contributing to the public sector using their scientific skills to help provide evidence-based support for STEM policymaking, including topics of gender representation;
  • Schlumberger employees, as well as students pursuing Master Degrees, are not qualified to apply for Faculty for the Future grants.

How to Apply for the Faculty for the Future Fellowships?

In order to apply for the scholarship, you need to follow the instruction below:

  • Make sure you meet all the eligibility criteria then create your own account on this website:
  • You’ll receive a verification e-mail in your e-mail address that will allow you to validate your account.
  • Go back to the faculty for the future website then login to your account.
  • Press” Your Application” for 2021.
  • Attach the required documents and complete your online application form, then Submit.

(P.S: you can modify your application and save it as many times as you need before submitting it, but once it’s submitted it can no longer be modified).

Moreover, after submitting your application, if you’re selected to receive an award you may not change the research project or host university unless if you get approval from the Schlumberger Foundation. Therefore, it’s better to carefully select your choices when applying as there is no guarantee that any changes may be accepted.


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