University of South Australia Research Scholarship 2024, Australia

The University of South Australia is a renowned school that shines as a leader in academic excellence and research expertise. Focused on practical, industry-oriented education, the university doesn’t just teach theory but also provides important skills needed to succeed in various career paths.

Championing innovation and collaboration, the University of South Australia dedicates itself to addressing real-world challenges through cutting-edge research and fostering collaborations with industry and government for societal and economic progress. Beyond the academic realm, the university places significant emphasis on holistic student development, offering a myriad of extracurricular opportunities. Positioned as a forward-thinking, world-class institution, UniSA aspires to graduate individuals who are globally competitive, socially conscious, and ready to contribute meaningfully.


UniSA takes pride in its provision of practical, industry-aligned education, equipping graduates with essential skills for success. The university’s commitment to innovation and collaboration is evident in its dedication to research addressing real-world challenges and establishing impactful partnerships with industry and government.

University of South Australia scholarship Description:

  • Host University: University of South Australia;
  • Host Country: Australia;
  • Study Level: PhD, Masters, and Research level;
  • Scholarship Type: Fully Funded;
  • Scholarship Worth: 32,500$;
  • Eligible Countries: International Students;
  • Subjects Available: All Subjects;
  • Application Deadline: The scholarship is open.

The University of South Australia extends a warm invitation to international students to apply for the International Research Tuition Scholarship (IRTS) in 2024, offering comprehensive financial support for Research, PhD, and Masters programs across various subjects. This fully-funded opportunity caters to outstanding individuals, with diverse deadlines for application.

The International Research Tuition Scholarships (IRTS) stand as a testament to UniSA’s commitment to academic excellence and demonstrated research proficiency among international students. Awardees not only receive substantial financial support for living expenses but also gain access to state-of-the-art facilities, fostering a dynamic learning environment.

University of South Australia scholarship Benefits:

The International Research Tuition Scholarship offers a stipend of at least $32,500 per annum, distributed fortnightly over a maximum of 3 years for PhD students and 2 years for Master of Research students. The scholarship includes a total fee-waiver for a maximum of 4 years for PhD students and 2 years for Master of Research students. Successful applicants requiring a student visa will also receive Overseas Student Health Cover.


Eligibility Requirements:

In addition to meeting UniSA’s overarching eligibility criteria, prospective candidates must:

  • Be newly enrolled international students pursuing a research-focused degree.
  • Demonstrate commendable research proficiency, evaluated by UniSA to ensure high quality and competence.
  • Garner robust support from experienced supervisors in an environment conducive to intensive research, potentially under the guidance of an end-user adviser.
  • Currently be in receipt of or have secured an externally funded stipend scholarship or a living stipend backed by external financial support.

These comprehensive conditions underscore the University of South Australia’s commitment to fostering a research-intensive and supportive environment for aspiring scholars.

Application Process:

International students holding external sponsorship or scholarships have the flexibility to apply for any listed projects. However, certain applicants may have specific conditions stipulated by their respective providers. In such cases, they might be required to formulate their own project in collaboration with a UniSA supervisor.

Applicants are encouraged to meticulously review the offer to ensure alignment with their goals and aspirations. The University of South Australia welcomes dedicated individuals who seek not only academic excellence but also a transformative and enriching research experience.

Official Website:

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