Free Online Courses For Seniors

Being retired or growing old doesn’t necessarily mean the ending of education and learning, on the contrary, it is the best time explore new passions. You will have more freedom and time to remain active, educated and to learn new things.

Since the majority of seniors like to spend more time indoors, it would be great to invest in online education. It has never been more simple to grow, learn and even work from your home. Technology has given us the online resources to expand our knowledge and remain engaged in a global world.

You can find plenty of different types of sites and different organizations that provide seniors with lifetime education opportunities.

In this article, we’re going to review sites that offer free online courses for seniors, some even offering free college courses. Some of the sites below are completely free and you can always access them to enhance your own learning experience. 

1. Coursera Free of charge:

Coursera mostly is a fee-based online university that provides 2 to 4 year diplomas across a wide range of topics. It does, in fact, provide a variety of free courses, complete with open hours and tests of achievement to keep you on track. 

Here are a few of the available coursework you can pursue such as: The Science of Wellness, Financial Markets, Machine Learning, and Successful Trading: Essential Strategies and Skills, Financial Engineering and Risk Management, Algorithms, and Introduction to Philosophy. 

2. Harvard Public Education Program 

Harvard’s Extension School offers some of its courses online at no additional charge. Alternatively, check out Harvard’s Online Learning department, featuring courses from every department in the university. 

3. BBC Language:

You can find 40 other languages such as: French, Italian, Japanese, German, Chinese, Spanish, and Greek; which are for free on one site. They have both beginner and advanced courses, allowing you to enroll no matter what your level. They even have a children’s program, allowing you to study with your own grandchildren.  

4. Alison:

Since 2007, Alison has been a free education for profit foundation. It generates income from advertisements and the marketing of products and diplomas to graduates. You may pursue any of the following degrees for free, but the diploma will charge for: Technology, Health, Math, Language, Humanities, Marketing, Science, Business and Lifestyle Studies. 

5. ITunes U:

The application is promoted principally as a learning destination for both students and teachers to schedule courses, though it also provides textbooks, conferences, and much more about a broad range of topics. Those tutorials are contributed by various colleges and universities from all over the world, along with museums. 

6. MIT Open Courses:

The name of MIT has much significance in the world of public education, and you may say with confidence that you have been educated by it at no cost, and it’s not just about technology courses. MIT’s Open Course Ware also provides business, the fine arts, and humanities courses. 

7. Open Yale Courses:  

Although Yale’s open courses are not for credit, you do not need to enroll or be admitted to Yale to be able to study from the lectures taped in their lecture rooms. You may choose to study any subject, from physics to the Old Testament, at your own rhythm by taking advantage of the course materials that are available at Yale. 


This is not just an application for seniors; it can be accessed by all ages. Duolingo is a great language learning application that customizes the experience of studying to fit the lessons you need to work on and the knowledge you have. You are given an on-the-spot grade upon finishing their brief course outlines. Even more importantly, it allows you to learn the language together with other people. 

9. Libraries:  

The majority of the public library community believes that it is a book lending facility, but it provides more than that. Lots of local public libraries have night and weekend courses for children and older people. Find out from your local public library if they offer courses on subjects that interest you. 

10. Use Of Free Education Fees For Seniors:  

Today, a growing number of universities are making online courses available to accommodate the demands for classroom space and to respond to the requirements of students with tight deadlines. Combined this with the reality that all 50 states provide a version of fee exemptions for seniors, this makes it possible for seniors to receive free public tuition. 

However, it should be remembered that this is not a federal recognized state programmed and that every single state has different policies in place to determine who is considered a ‘senior’. 

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