University Of Montreal Scholarships For International Students Canada, 2024/2025

The University of Montreal (Université de Montréal) is a prestigious public research university located in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, it is one of the largest and most renowned universities in Canada and is consistently ranked among the top universities worldwide.

The University of Montreal is a hub of research innovation, with numerous research centers and institutes dedicated to advancing knowledge in areas such as health, technology, and the humanities. It consistently ranks among the top research universities in Canada, it is committed to making a positive impact on society, both locally and globally. Its research and academic initiatives contribute to advancements in various fields and address pressing global challenges.

Scholarship Description: 

  • Host University: University of Montreal; 
  • Host Country: Canada; 
  • Study Level: Undergraduate, Masters and PhD Level; 
  • Scholarship Worth: Check the details below; 
  • Scholarship Type: Partial Funding; 
  • Eligible Countries: International Students; 
  • Subjects: All Subjects; 
  • Application Deadline: January 2, 2024. 

The scholarships for international students are now available for Undergraduate, Masters and PhD levels in all subjects at the University of Montreal, Canada. 

Scholarship Benefits: 

The scholarship amount they may receive hinges on the outcome of this assessment. Should your academic record not meet the criteria for either Level A or Level B, regrettably, the scholarship will not be granted.

Level A: This tier awards $13,340.40 per year, which is equivalent to covering two academic sessions or 30 credits. Alternatively, it breaks down to $6,670.20 per session (15 credits) or $444.68 per credit.

Level B: The second tier offers $6,357.60 annually, also equivalent to two academic sessions or 30 credits. If you prefer the session-based calculation, it’s $3,178.80 per session (15 credits) or $211.92 per credit.

Please bear in mind that these scholarship amounts are intended to offset tuition fees, which currently stand at $27,101.70 per year (for 30 credits). Keep in mind that tuition fees are subject to revision without prior notice.

Graduate Programs (Masters):

In support of international students pursuing graduate studies, the university offers a partial exemption scholarship aimed at reducing the additional tuition fees typically associated with international students.

For non-research programs, this scholarship provides $10,474.65 per year, equating to three academic sessions or 45 credits. Alternatively, it’s $3,491.55 per session (15 credits) or $232.77 per credit. These amounts are applied to tuition fees, which currently stand at $30,829.50 per year for 45 credits.

For research-focused programs, the scholarship amount is $10,347.75 per year, again equivalent to three academic sessions or 45 credits. Or, it breaks down to $3,449.25 per session (15 credits) or $229.95 per credit. These rates apply to tuition fees currently set at $29,592 per year for 45 credits.

PhD Graduate Programs:

For international students pursuing doctoral studies, we provide a comprehensive exemption from the additional tuition fees typically imposed on students from abroad. This means you’ll enjoy the same tuition fees as graduate students from Québec.

Specifically, the scholarship provides $22,241.25 per year, which covers three academic sessions or 45 credits. Alternatively, it amounts to $7,413.75 per session (15 credits) or $494.25 per credit. These rates apply to tuition fees, which currently stand at $26,562.60 per year for 45 credits.

For writing and correction sessions, you’ll be charged tuition fees identical to those applicable to Québec students.

Eligibility requirements: 

The University of Montreal understands that international students, with the exception of those from France and French-speaking Belgium, may have unique needs.

Therefore, it is tailored scholarships to support students. To be eligible, here are the criteria:

  1. Admission Offer: First and foremost, Applicants should have received an offer of admission to a study program at the university starting in the Fall of 2023 or later. This marks the beginning of your exciting academic journey with the university.
  2. Study Authorizations: Ensuring they have the necessary study authorizations is crucial. This includes holding a valid Quebec Acceptance Certificate (CAQ) and a study permit for all sessions during your study program.
  3. Full-Time Commitment: The University encourages students to remain dedicated to their studies. This means maintaining full-time enrollment continuously throughout their entire study program unless they have been granted an approved absence.
  4. Exemption Status: To benefit from the university’s exemption scholarship, it’s important not to be receiving any other form of tuition fee exemption.
  5. Program Eligibility: Please note that this scholarship is not applicable to students enrolled in independent study programs or undergraduate programs such as certificates, majors, minors, short programs, or preparatory year programs for university studies for the Winter 2024 session.

Application process:   

The university is strongly encourages students to explore its official website and utilize the user-friendly interactive checklist, known as “Compass.” This invaluable tool has been designed to assist students in comprehending the application and admission requirements.

Once students have identified the study programs that pique their interest and have dutifully completed the application form, a unique code will be furnished to them. This code serves as the key to unlock access to our “Student Centre” platform, a virtual space where students can effortlessly monitor the progress of their application and, in due course, receive their eagerly anticipated acceptance letter.

Worth noting is that there is no separate application required for the scholarship. Our diligent admissions team will automatically review all student applications, evaluating them meticulously. Following this evaluation, successful students will be identified, and they’ll automatically enter considered for the scholarship.

Upon receiving their offer of admission, students can anticipate an email from the Université of Montréal. This email will not only deliver the exciting news of their acceptance but also disclose the specific amount of the exemption bursary to which they are entitled.

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