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A 24-year-old young man sets an outstanding record by getting promoted to school principal in the US

Kenneth Gorham, a 24-year-old man, was appointed head of the Movement Middle School, in Charlotte, thus becoming the youngest ever school principal in North Carolina, United States.

Kenneth Gorham graduatedfrom North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University in the United States with a degree in Political Science. His appointment as principal of Movement Middle School in North Carolina makes him the youngest person to hold the title in the state.


“I’m 24 years old. I will actually turn 25 next week.,” he told WCNC Charlotte. He admitted that he did not think he would make due to his young age and few years of experience. Kenneth previously occupied the position of school teacher and instructional coach before becoming a school principal at Movement School. He credited God for endowing him with a unique calling in a comment about his appointment on Instagram.

“I’d be lying if I said this truly didn’t feel like a dream. At 24 years old, God has favored me with such a unique calling; to lead, inspire, and foster a school environment that truly loves and values children,” he wrote on Instagram.

In a comment, The school’s Superintendent Jenika Mullen described Kenneth as a person who holds the potential to be a great leader and an inspiration. “When we think about hiring, it is really about your leadership competencies. Are you someone that people will want to follow and be inspired by? The answer is yes [for] Mr. Gorham,” Jenika Mullen said.

Kenneth dedicated his success to his mother for her daily prayers for him. “If nothing else, Mommy this is for you. Every prayer you have prayed and word you have spoken over my life has come to pass. You are in my heart forever. All of your hard work was not in vain. This is for you,” he said.


Ever since Gorham’s appointment, he has been making diligent efforts to support students in achieving their goals. For that, he is admired by the students and their parents.

“He always gives every student a walk-through Movement Middle School’s doors, he gives them hugs every morning. If it’s not a hug, then it’s a high five,” said Moya Montgomery, one of the parents.
Kenneth hopes to set a good example and empower students at Movement School. “As a black male educator, as a black male leader, my job is truly to empower our children to show them that they can go beyond what the world may believe or perceive. You can absolutely change that narrative every single day,” Gorham said.

The National Center for Educational Statistics stated that during the 2017-2018 school year, about 78% of public school principals were White, 11% were Black, and 9% were Hispanic.

Mullen said she hopes Gorham’s story will help change the image that people have of a public school principal.

Gorham expressed the hope that his story will empower students to assimilate and follow the Movement School teachings, that is to own the room and lead by example.

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